Poni Micharvegas Portrait
© Hartwig Klappert

Guest 2004.


La palabra es un hecho: selección de poemas y letras de canciones 1960-1975
Proletras Latinoamericanas
Madrid, 1981

Dichosos los ojos que te ven
Proletras Latinoamericanas
Madrid, 1988

Proletras Latinoamericanas
Madrid, 1994

Dos dis/cursos para el parlamiento in visible
Diógenes Internacional
Madrid, 1996

La costola di Adamo = La costiya de Adán
[mit Federico Schmied]
Proletras Latinoamericanas
Madrid, 1999

Poni Micharvegas [ Argentina ]

Poni Micharvegas was born in San Fernando, near Buenos Aires, in 1953. He studied Medicine and worked as a physician, he published poems and other texts, was educated in psychoanalysis, was involved in the work of various theatre groups and went on lecture and concert tours in Argentina.  After the military coup of 1976, he emigrated via Brazil to Madrid, where he continued his numerous literary and musical activities.

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