Guest 2016.



Violence and Discourtesy

Aarhus University Press

Oxford, 1998


En orientalsk totalitarisme

Informations Foralg

København, 2013

Aufkommen und Entwicklung des Islamismus
im Licht des europäischen Totalitarismus

In: Totalitarismus und Demokratie, 11 (Dresden, 2014)

Mehdi Mozaffari [ Iran, Denmark ]

born in 1939 in Iran, is a political scientist. He is professor emeritus at the Department of Political Science, Aarhus University, Denmark. Mozaffari has a doctorate in political science from the University of Paris Sorbonne-Panthéon, where he also taught for a number of years. He is a co-author and co-signatory of the »Manifesto of 12« and has authored a number of books on Islam and different forms of radicalization.