Taslima Nasrin Portrait
© Hartwig Klappert

Guest 2016.



Hoffmann & Campe

Hamburg, 1999

[Ü: Peter K. Lienen]

Warum ich kein Muslim bin

[Mit Ibn Warraq]

Matthes & Seitz

Berlin, 2004

[Ü: Abu al-Adjanabi]

Taslima Nasrin [ Bangladesh, USA ]

born in 1962 in Mymensingh, Bangladesh, is a writer, women’s rights activist and former physician. Nasrin gained notoriety for her novel »Lajja« (1993; Eng. »Shame«), which sold 60,000 copies in the first five months of its release. Owing to her feminist views on women’s rights and strong criticism of Islam, she was forced to flee West Bengal – first to France and then the US. She is a co-signatory of the »Manifesto of 12« and has received numerous awards.