Guest 2016.


Fire and Ice

Economy Daily Press

Hongkong, 1998

The Road of Wandering Hero

The Mind History of the Transformation Intellectuals in our times

Taiwan Linking Publishing

Taiwan, 2009

China’s best actor

Wen Jiabao

New Century Publishing

Dublin, 2010

Yu Jie [ China ]

born in 1973, is a Chinese writer and human rights activist. In 2010 he was incarcerated and tortured for his friendship with the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Liu Xiaobo. In 2012 he managed to emigrate to the US, where he lives with his family today. Jie has written more than thirty books, such as »Zhōngguó yǐngdì wēnjiābǎo« (2010; tr. China’s best actor: Wen Jiabao), and helped found the Chinese PEN Center, which advocates for and defends the freedom to publish.