19th ilb's Specials

Decolonizing Worlds II

The end of colonialism does not mean the end of colonial power structures. Colonial history continues to shape patterns of thought – and not only the formerly colonized are affected. Through literary readings and panel discussions, this series investigates the current traces of colonialism in science, literature and everyday life. We ask: how can the demands for decolonization be combined with the struggles for social justice and against racism? We also examine the question of the restitution of art from various perspectives. Main venue: James-Simon-Galerie in Mitte.


About: Sex

The »About: Sex« Special brings together authors and intellectuals who deal with sexuality in their writing. Cultural-historical and neuroscientific approaches meet the #MeToo debate and a reading of interesting sex scenes in novels. We ask: what happens in our brains when we desire? What role does sex play in literature? How has sexuality developed historically and how does it differ in different cultures? The main venue of the Special is the silent green Kulturquartier in Wedding.


Automatic Writing 2.0

In this visionary series, writers and researchers deal with the challenges and opportunities of artificial intelligence for our future. Where are the connections between literature, the history of ideas and artificial intelligence? What are the structural barriers to and prospective qualities of machine translation? Do automatically generated texts need a poetology? Can algorithms influence social change and will there be a super intelligence? This series takes place within the framework of the Year of Science 2019 »Artificial Intelligence« at HAU Hebbel am Ufer (HAU2). Admission is free.