“Thank you so very much for inviting me to the festival this year! It was also my first time in Berlin, and I was charmed, had a few delightful discussions and made some friends for life. All your team members and volunteers made the experience very memorable for me, as did Mr Schreiber's kind attention. (…) Looking forward to longer associations with ILB in the future”

Mimi Mondal (USA)

“I had a fabulous time at the ILB, met some wonderful people, and wanted to thank you for your warm and impeccable hospitality and for the overall experience.“

Dipesh Chakrabarty (Indien)


"Thank you so much!!! It was really great for me to be in berlin at the literatur festival."
Didier Eribon

"For me the festival in general and my event were beautiful, and I felt very like at home.
I hope to come back soon and thank you and the organization with all my heart."
Antonella Lattanzi

"Danke für alles, ich bin inspiriert von den Lesungen und Begegnungen hier – es ist fantastisch!"
Nina Wehrle

"Thank you very much for inviting me. Congratulations on the outstanding Festival! I enjoyed the Festival and my events on Politics & Drugs very much. The organization was perfect! The volunteers were extremely professional and helpful."
Lukasz Kamienski


"We had such a wonderful time at the festival, and were blown away by the caliber and breadth of the attendees. During our session the attendees were very engaged and asked such insightful questions, we hope to be able to return one day in the future. We departed feeling inspired by all those who participated."
Emily Callahan 

"The importance of the International Literature Festival Berlin is manifest in its very title, for it is a festival that welcomes writers from many countries, not from only the same old, same old ones.  Thus it’s possible to meet a Cuban poet or an Estonian essayist or a writer who uses the language of the colony in which he or she was born, rather than the ones his parents speak.  It’s this variety, this broad choice of genre, that makes the festival important and, at least for the writers who attend, very interesting because we get to meet people who do the same work we do but who do it in an entirely different way."
Donna Leon 
(USA, Italien)

"I loved the atmosphere in the writers tent, the chance to mingle with and mix with fellow authors. During the festival, I was lucky enough to meet and read with Dirk Notz, a young hot shot of a climatologist who has spent much time in the Arctic. How on earth would we click or meet, or have anything to say, anything valid and comprehensibe for an audience? Our experiences are about climate change are at the other ends of the world. And yet we both saw that there were parallels in our knowledge and experience of the subject and our talk was all the richer for seeing this simialiry."
Monique Roffey 


“I felt so very welcome, and it was life-changing to see my words affecting people across the Atlantic Ocean.”
Alex Gino (USA)

“The ILB is effusive, warm-hearted and diverse. Imagine a festive gathering during which the bookcase topples and spills over: fascinating talk, lovely atmosphere.”
Bregje Hofstede (Niederlande/Belgien)

“The 16th internationales literaturfestival of Berlin was truly an intellectual and artistic rainbow; rich in different colour, language, generation, nationality, religious and political diversities. Transforming all these differences and varieties to a highly enjoyable harmony was a pure art.”
Mehdi Mozaffari (Iran/Dänemark)


“Thank you so much for your invitation to the festival, which I enjoyed very much. It's very important to be able to meet other authors from around the world and listen to what they have to say, which otherwise would hardly be possible.”
Zsófia Bán (Brasilien/Ungarn)

“Few places have treated me so well as an author like I was treated at the Berlin International Literature Festival.”
Elnathan John (Nigeria)

“The festival was excellent, and all the organizers and management were very nice. I hope that this festival continues to remain high and a voice for the cultures of the world.”
Samar Yazbek (Syrien/Frankreich)


“I have been to a remarkable writer’s festival where the emphasis is on ideas and exchange rather than celebrities and book sales. […] I feel blessed and energised, rather than drained of effort.”
Tony Birch (Australien)

„The wonderful, and what is also unique, quality of the festival is that it is about honoring great literature as well as creating a forum for discussing the most pressing ideas and issues of our times.”
Jennifer Clement (USA/Mexiko)

“It is my favourite festival in the world, I feel home after losing my home […]”
Hala Mohammad (Syrien)


“The Berlin festival is a unique festival, a dream place of literary exchange […]. Thinking back on it I feel a steady hum of happiness.”
Lila Azam Zanganeh (Frankreich/USA)

“My reading in the library of Marzahn was one of the best, perhaps the best reading I ever gave in Germany. The librarian and the audience were fantastic. I will return to Marzahn, that’s for sure.”
Arnon Grünberg (Niederlande/USA)


“ilb is a human size festival which manages to keep the roof beam high and stay informal at the same time.”
Georgi Gospodinov (Bulgarien/Deutschland)

“I am so grateful because I took part in such a important and big festival.”
Dragana Mladenović (Serbien)

“I loved joining the Festival because I got the chance to learn what interested people about my country and what they were expecting.”
Ma Thida (Birma)


"Yours is one of the best festivals I've been in the world (and I've been to a lot of them) […]. I felt at home in my first visit and I felt at home in my second one.”
Javier Cercas (Spanien)

“The Berlin Literary Festival has a unique combination of Spartan courage, Athenian oratorship and an abundance of hospitable and intoxicating Dionysian spirit.”
Rawi Hage (Libanon)

"This was the best literary week ever […].”
D.B.C. Pierre (Irland)